When I reached down to pick my old boots,
I saw your shoes next to mine.
They looked clean and had a shine,
So I put them on and changed my route.

As I trod down the beautiful road,
Like a young and dreamy bride,
I blushed and laughed without strife
Because I went into the “love” mode.

I saw a big rock that blocked my way
And wondered why it was there.
Thank God I didn’t have to care;
I crossed that huge rock without delay.

Suddenly, I tripped o’er a tree root
And fell hard, flat on my face.
I got up to tie the lace,
‘Cause the walk I had to continue.

Mud was smudged all over the new shoes,
No more did they have the shine.
In fact they also had lines;
They seemed uncomfortable for use.

Oh! did I know where I was heading?
Before I did, my foot slipped;
The top of the right shoe chipped;
And I went down the long road rolling.

Covered in dirt, I sat there tired.
Annoyed and dazed, I gave way;
‘Twas a miserable day!
I felt hopeless and uninspired.

“Oh Lord, It is all too much to bear;
This journey I can’t handle.
Troubles tend to entangle;
Come and rescue me from this great snare.”

As I pondered, tears welled up my eyes.
Did I choose your shiny shoe
Just because it looked so new?
‘Tis not my journey I realised.

I struggled as I walked my way back
Waiting to rid off your shoes
And slip into my old boots
‘Cause for me there’s a different track.

I could see that you have struggles too
Because you don’t show it out
Or don’t bother to be loud,
I cannot assume from what I view.

Today, I did learnt to be content
With the road I’m asked to take.
Though it’s not a piece of cake,
I’m willing to walk without resent.


40 thoughts

  1. I definitely needed to see this. It’s so easy to fall into the spirit of comparison, & social media only makes this easier. I’m constantly having to remind myself that what God has for me, is for me! Everyone has his or her own struggles, & just because we don’t see them at first glance, doesn’t mean they’re not there!

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  2. The poem is beautiful, and it gives us something to think about, because we tend to compare ourselves to each other and thinking someone is having a better or easier time, but each one of us has it’s own struggles and problems, we need to just be here for each other, helping out if need be 🙂

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