I see red balloons in the air;
They’re heart shaped and the season’s dear.
I hear a love song played at a corner;
It’s growing louder as I draw nearer.

I see couples sitting together,
Blushing as they tease each other.
They’re filled with so much love today;
I hope it was there yesterday.

I see the shops with glitters and ribbons
‘Cause that’s how today’s sale is driven.
The fragile gifts are neatly stacked
The ones in love to attract.

I see several fragrant posies
And a sea of thousand roses.
Each man comes and picks a bunch
And takes his lady out for lunch.

I see the coffee shop packed with couples
Filling the place with laughter and giggles.
They seem to be content with each other;
Oh Lord, may this love knit them closer!

As I walk to the end of the street,
I see an old couple sit down to eat.
They have no flowers, balloons or presents,
Only love and each other’s presence.

Everywhere I see love today;
I wish this is seen all the days.
If love is the reason for this celebration,
Where is it when there’s crime and destruction?

The rate of abuse and divorce is high,
And today’s love seems like a stupid lie.
If the love I see were really true,
Won’t this world be safe for me and you?

As I rest my head on my pillow,
Thoughts of the day surge like a billow.
I close my eyes as I understand
It’s just another day that looks grand.

#encouragement #motivationandinsoiration

46 thoughts

      1. I’m more of a story writer myself but I do love reading poetry. This poem is beautiful, please keep it up.


  1. One of my favorite parts: “If love is the reason for this celebration,
    Where is it when there’s crime and destruction?”

    Your poetry is absolutely beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

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