While I was planning to write something for teacher’s day, I remembered all the teachers who played both big and small parts in my life. I can assure you that we don’t come across only good teachers. Everyone’s experience is different because every teacher is different.

There are some really caring teachers, who go out of their way to help students who struggle to cope with their peers. There are some teachers who terrorise the student so much that the kids end up forgetting what they have learnt. There are still others who encourage and push students to do better. Finally, there are a few who don’t care about anything, they just teach and leave (they teach to get an income).

Is it easy to be a teacher??? No way!! I can’t imagine myself standing in front of a class and explaining something to them over and over again. I don’t have the patience nor do I have the passion required. I always wondered how some teachers standout when it comes to teaching or handling students. I don’t think they go to school to pass time or just make money. I believe they have a very different view of what they do, how they feel about the students and what they want to do for them.

In my curiosity, I asked the following two questions to a few people who are in the field of education:

Why did you choose teaching as your profession?
What gives you satisfaction (regarding teaching)?

Their answers to these questions made me realise that they all have a beautiful heart indeed.

I always had a passion to be a teacher. I love small children. When I know that the children have understood what I have taught and to hear them say ‘I love the subject English after Heera ma’am has started teaching English’, I feel so satisfied. Heera Rathan Kumar, English Teacher, Corpus Christi

If it’s about teaching school children, it’s a noble profession. We get a golden opportunity to build a generation for a larger cause of humanity. I am extremely satisfied when I find students are sincere, honest and truthful, standing on this foundation of success. Ranjana Biswas, Principal of St. Peter’s School

I chose this profession because I like talking to people. Besides, I believe teachers build nations by enlightening the minds. It yields respect. When students succeed in life and attribute their success to our teaching, there’s nothing more satisfactory than that. Mohammed Farhathullah, English Professor, New College

I chose teaching because this is something I discovered at church, and from then on, my first job was all about training people. So, teaching became a very much part of me and also it runs in the family. The joy of sharing gives me a lot of satisfaction. Adah Ramona, Trained Guide, Sprouts Montessori House of Children

I don’t consider teaching as a profession. It is my passion. When I see my students excel and reach heights, it gives me satisfaction. Pinaki Haldar, Language Teacher, KE Carmel School

One point of time, I realised teaching is very rewarding. Being able to inspire, teach children by examples in all spheres gives me joy. And I always had a special love for children. Their laughter, creativity, imaginations give me joy (satisfaction) too. Namratha D’silva, Biology Teacher, St. Nobert School

After reading these answers, I realised it is because of teachers and professors like these the lives of many students are change for good. They grow to become individuals with not only a big brain but also a beautiful heart.

Don’t these teachers deserve appreciation for all that they are doing? I am talking about not only the five or six who are quoted here but also the ones who are giving their all to see that students get the best and become the best.

This Teacher’s Day, let’s make every effort to pray and wish well for those teachers who are passionately working to build up the next generation.


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