What are we addicted to? Are we finding it difficult to break free from it? The one and only way is to keep ourselves busy by finding an alternative. Here are 5 ways to break free from any kind of addictions.

Find a Purpose

Do we know our purpose in life? When we have a purpose to live for, we won’t have time to do things that make no sense, that are harmful, that waste our time, etc.

One of my schoolmates discovered that he loves to motivate people. He didn’t just sit and wait for people to come to him. Instead, he started making motivational videos and putting them on various social media platforms. He is out there ready to do anything that will help him reach his goal. Now, that’s the man who is led with a purpose.

If we understand that life is short, we wouldn’t be wasting our time on things that make it shorter, would we? Time is precious, and it doesn’t wait for anyone.

Take a Break

This alternative is trending today among people who desire to overcome social media addiction. If we desire to reduce the time we spend on social media, taking a short or even a long break from it will be of great help.

One of the girls from my church decided to take a one-month break from Facebook and Whatsapp. So, she uninstalled those apps from her phone. A month later, she re-installed those apps. This time, the eagerness to be on social media reduced drastically. What happened when she took a break? I believe she realised that there were better ways to keep her spirit up, be engaged and have a fruitful day. When we are determined to do something, we will be able to do it, won’t we?

Pick a Hobby

Some people love to go out and fish, while others love to stay indoors and read. If we like fishing, wouldn’t it be better to go out and fish rather than give into the addiction that is holding us back?

I have a friend who works as an optometrist. She enroled herself on a dance course, which happens twice a week. On other days, she concentrates on gymnastics. Despite having long hours of work, she manages to make time for these classes and finds them fulfilling. Isn’t this cool—keeping oneself busy with what one loves to do? She is keeping herself occupied the right way, which is commendable.

Some hobbies we can develop are playing a sport, reading, cooking, dancing, making crafts, writing, designing, cycling, etc. My list is limited for sure, but I can guarantee that when we substitute an addiction with a hobby, we will be able to overcome it gradually.

Develop a Skill

Whether it is professional or life skill, we can never underestimate the power of learning a skill. At my workplace, professionals are invited from outside to train interested employees in both professional and soft skills like NLP, Excel, e-mail communication, advanced English, team management, etc. Such opportunities are rare but worth the time and energy.

In all social media platforms, today’s feed is filled with different courses that are needed for different professions. The opportunities and options are many. The best part is many of such courses are budget friendly, making it more feasible. Let’s grab this opportunity to enhance our skills or learn a new skill.

When we keep ourselves busy learning or enhancing a skill, we won’t have time for things that rob us of our time, health and relationships.

Join a Club

Recently, I attended a camp conducted by my church. While discussing its impact, the members were asked to decide the club they would like to join. The list of clubs was interesting: football club, joggers’ club, bikers’ club, runners’ club, bakers’ club, etc. Being a part of such clubs will open doors for us to not only make new friends but also find an accountable partner who can help us.

The football club is the most active club of my church because the men meet every morning to play. They can get up late and go for work, can’t they? However, they have decided to get up early and play together and have good fun. Isn’t this a great alternative? It keeps them active and energised throughout the day and also helps them health wise.

Joining a club is a cool way to keep ourselves busy enough to break free from an addiction.

These are just a few alternatives to keep ourselves busy while trying to overcome addictions. Are we willing to move out of our comfort zone and make the required changes? It is rightly said,

Where there is a will, there is a way.


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