As agony tossed me into a dark pit,
I wanted to scream it out till my throat slit.
I wished I could run as far as possible
‘Cause the hurt was too deep and unbearable.

I sat there with my heart broken to pieces
And thrown away just like the undone dishes.
I cried out loud as I squinched in endless pain
As if that would keep me from going insane.

Memories flooded my mind like buzzing bees,
Driving me crazy as I clung to my knees.
I could hear the walls laugh at my brokenness,
And the room soon reflected my emptiness.

I sobbed and sobbed till both my tear glands ran dry;
Many questions jammed my mind at the same time.
If only there were answers to all my ‘whys’,
I would have felt much better emotionwise.

But, hey, did my painful story stop right there?
Was there anybody who really did care?
Was I too lost to be found by anyone?
Was the pit too dark to be lit by the sun?

There came a time when sobbing and sighing ceased;
Then my heavy heart felt a sudden release.
Frankly, I felt a change in the atmosphere;
My pain became a little less severe.

The reality didn’t change even a bit,
But surely something happened that my eyes lit.
I did feel a strange sense of strength take over,
Giving me hope for the uncertain future.

I don’t know what exactly happened inside;
When I came out I felt so cheerful and bright.
I received hope that can never be stolen,
A hope that lifts me up in my affliction.


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