Remember that every day is new;
Start the day by changing how you view.
It’s a chance to start over again;
Give your best – doing all that you can.

Last time, you wanted to help the poor,
But you couldn’t ‘cause your stop was near.
Today, you’d see the old man again;
Take a bold step and reach out your hand.

You saw her begging with outstretched arm;
No one turned to help, and you kept calm.
Did you notice her limbs were intact
Or believe she was putting an act?

Again today, she will cross your path;
Don’t think twice – reach out with all your heart.
Do not judge her by the outer looks;
Your act might help her get a textbook.

You saw a boy asking for some food;
He had asked you too, but you just stood.
Your heart wanted to buy him something,
But you were conscious of those watching.

Today, you might not see him pass by;
Maybe he was ill and didn’t survive.
But you’ll surely see another lad;
Give him some food and make him feel glad.

Each day offers us another chance;
Let’s reach out without a second glance
For it’s unsure we’d see the next day
To help the needy who come our way.


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