In my previous company, I was a copy editor. At first, the job was interesting and I enjoyed doing it. But, as time went by, I started feeling the pressure. I was not the best in the team; I did how much I could, but I just couldn’t handle the whole thing. After working for a year and a half, I decided to quit.

I started to look for jobs in the same field. I got selected in a well-known company that offered me a much better pay. I decided to grab this opportunity. I didn’t realise that I looked out for a new job because I was under much pressure.

That night, I wondered why I wanted to leave something and take up something else. I understood I was trying to run away from the pressure at work. I also understood if there is pressure here, one day there will be pressure at my new place too. If I quit because of pressure, won’t I repeat my actions in the new place? Yes! It would become a habit—trying to press the escape button and run away instead of learning to take a stand, grow through the struggles, fight through the pressure and come out victorious.

After battling with these thoughts, I decided to stay back in the same company. I worked for another year and a half before I chose to quit the company. I faced different challenges and completed three long years, which was a big thing for me.

What I want to tell is pressure is a part of life. It comes in different forms. If there is no pressure, how would we know whether we are growing. When we feel the pressure rising and we feel that it is too much to bear, it is important to respond.

Instead of taking rash decisions, let’s find out how to handle the pressure.

Can we share it with someone? Can we work on our time management? Can we find out our trigger points?

After getting our answers to these questions, we can get help and take measures to fight the storms. Instead of carrying our burden alone, let’s learn to share it with others, get advice, seek counsel and face the giants that are before us.

Some of the escape buttons we come across in this life are quitting jobs (frequently), committing suicide, trying shortcuts (for weight loss, financial crisis, etc.), etc.

No matter what pressure we are facing right now, whether at work or home (financial, emotional, physical or social), let’s avoid using the escape button. It won’t be easy, but it is worth fighting it through. Because I am not a quitter, I chose to fight and win the battle that I was facing. If I could face and fight the giant out there, what is stopping you? If I can do, you can too!

So, stop quitting and start fighting!!


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