Usually, when we are left on our own, memories come to our aid to keep company. These memories can bring out a lot of emotions like love, anger, bitterness, peace, joy, etc. Based on our memory, the emotion will flow. I believe that many of us have had a not-so-great past. By this I mean, there were failures, heartbreaks, losses, rejection, depression, sickness and all those things that we don’t cherish. Some of these memories pop up in our heads and stop us from focussing on the present and moving on to the future. They are one of the main roadblocks in our lives. How can we make peace with our past, enjoy the present and look forward to the future? Here are three simple attitudes we can develop to do that.

Attitude of Acceptance

To make peace with our past, we have to understand that nothing of the past can be undone. Therefore, the best thing to do now is to accept what has happened. When we learn to accept the things that have happened and learn to live without carrying the past to the present, life will be a lot easier than we can imagine. This attitude does not make us seem weak; it only makes us face reality the right way. If we do not accept what has happened, we will disrupt what is happening and blow up what is going to happen. It would be like adding fuel to the flame. Isn’t it better to just accept and move on?

Attitude of Contentment

The second important thing is to be content with what we have, who we are, what is happening and what is not happening. To make peace with our past, we need to be content in the present. Developing an attitude of contentment will keep us from falling into either the pity cycle or the comparison mode. It also keeps us from complaining about anything or anybody. Being content is a great way to appreciate life and live a happy live.

Attitude of Gratitude

A heart that is filled with gratitude will never have a reason to complain. Gratitude is also a by-product of contentment. Where there is contentment, there is gratitude. When we learn to be grateful for both small and big things, we will start appreciating life like never before. This attitude will also keep us humble and meek. We can’t be grateful and proud at the same time, can we?

I believe all these go hand-in-hand. When we accept what life has offered, we will be content, which in turn will lead us to being grateful. When we learn and use these in our daily lives, we will see that our past has no hold on us. The choice is ours. If we want freedom from our past, we need to embrace the present and welcome the future.




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