It’s been almost a year since I received an invitation to like a page, Goodness Foundation (GoFo), in Facebook. Because it was sent by a friend, I didn’t hesitate to accept the invite. GoFo is an NGO with a vision to educate, establish and empower the downtrodden and underprivileged people through education and community development. The organisation provides tuition fees, food and accessories. Today, GoFo supports more than 100 children. One of its goals is to impact one million by 2028.


Every time I saw a news feed from GoFo, I felt inspired seeing young men motivated and inspired to do good for the community. Thus, I reached out to Paul Raja Livingston, the founder of GoFo, to know what made him take the risk and do what he is doing.

He said that it was in July 2014 when the idea of GoFo developed. He shared his idea with a few like-minded friends. Together, they did offline work for a few years to ensure that this idea was not birthed out of enthusiasm but as a vision.

When asked about the motivational factor, he replied, “When I’m blessed with so many talents and values, why can’t I use them to reach out to the ones who are deprived of the basic blessing like education and life skills?” Speaking of challenges, he said, “While planning to bring the idea to life, I faced two challenges: identifying the right team and finding a mentor to guide.”

It’s not easy to start an organisation in the first place, but Paul and his team did it. The difficult part is to keep it going, which requires focus and motivation. How do they do that?

To this, he responded, “Realising our responsibility and seeing the poor’s necessity, we support them in the best way we can.”

Paul is not only the founder of GoFo but also the founder of Food42, an initiative to support the “Zero Hunger” goal by spreading the awareness and impact of hunger. Apart from this he has a regular job; he works as a HR talent acquisition specialist. He is member and initiator of quite a few associations and clubs. In addition, he is a humanitarian, leader, motivator, biker, adventurer, creative photographer, footballer and fitness buff.

Reading his profile in detail, I was spellbound. Is he a super-human to have the strength and capacity to do so much, one might wonder! To kill one’s curiosity, I asked him about his time management. He said that he manages his time by planning his activities in advance, mostly for the weekends. He also sees that he gets a break once in a while, when he can rest and make time for himself.

Try and be useful to anyone around you, in any way, small or big. Don’t work just to make a living, but give so that others can live too (deprived ones). Giving can be in any form, your money, time, efforts, talents, etc. While we leave the earth, we need to leave a positive legacy. Make your story worth it! –Paul Raja Livingston

It’s never too late; let’s make our story worth it!


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