It was around 6:30 am when I reached my friends’ place. Soon, they left for a programme, and I was left alone with their kid (let’s call her Anna). I took a short nap, had breakfast and waited for Anna to wake up. Around 9:30 am, I went to Anna’s room and woke her up.

I thought she will ask for her parents; to my surprise, she smiled as she came out of bed and then showed off her new outfit, saying, ‘look, this is my new dress’. I was so please to see her smile. She showed me that it’s okay to forget all that is happening around and focus on what we have. She was sad that her parents were not there with her, but that didn’t stop her from cherishing what she has.

After she got ready, I asked her what she would like to have for breakfast. She wanted something but I didn’t know where that was kept. She didn’t fuss about it; she quickly changed her mind and said, ‘I want to have bread with milk and honey’. I just added milk and honey to two slices of bread and gave her, and she ate without complaining. She taught me that it’s okay to eat what is available even if it doesn’t have a great taste.

Happy children playing together

Post-breakfast was a let’s-check-out-every-single-toy-I’ve-got time. Thank God I had the energy! We first started with a small park set that had three of her toy pets. We helped her pets play in the park. Then she brought her minions’ castle. We fixed the road, lampposts, gates, etc. and allowed the buses to use the road. It was time to go fishing; we had a little competition on who will fish more, and guess what! She won. Following that, we exchanged money and bought some important lands while playing monopoly. Soon, it was time to meet Barbie and her family and pets. So, I (playing the role of Elsa) invited Barbie and all her people for a sleep over at my place. Later, we decided to play hide and seek. We had a really good time. This went on till 1:00 pm. Seeing Anna, I realised that when we focus on what we are supposed to do, we won’t have time to worry about other things.

While we were still playing, I asked her whether she wanted any snack or drink. She said, ‘there is lemon in the fridge and I want to prepare juice for you’. She was so sweet. I helped her prepare the juice, and we enjoyed every sip while playing monopoly. Her attitude helped me understand that it is not necessary for us to possess all the skills and talents, but we can be of some help by doing what we can even if it seems insignificant to the others.

Post-lunch, when I went to take a nap, she was thoroughly disappointed. However, I got up in an hour and we had tea together. Later, she helped me clear the hall. It was a lovely day indeed!

Often we are too quick to teach or advice someone, aren’t we? I believe it’s perfectly fine to learn things from those around us despite their age.

Learning is an unending process.

Let’s learn something new everyday, and live our lives the best way.



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