A week back, I had no motivation. I didn’t want to go for work; I had to push myself to make it on time. I didn’t feel like working out or doing anything that was worthwhile. While having a chat with my friend, I told her how bored I was with the life that I was living. I also told her that I lacked the motivation that is needed and that there was no one exactly to motivate me.

She said, ‘I remember one of your statuses that was about self-motivation. Why don’t you do something to motivate yourself?’

Oh yea, she hit the nail on the head. I needed to hear that. Often, I write well but do not live well (like preaching without practicing).


I realised that I have to do something if I want to live a life that is not boring, monotonous or lifeless. Watching Lifetime movies based on true stories is one of my favourite hobbies. As I scrolled through the list of movies in YouTube, I came across ‘Lying to be perfect’. I had watched this before, but I thought it would surely give me some motivation if I watched it again, so I went ahead and watched.

The story is about an overweight woman, who lives two lives at a time. During the day, she works as a regular employee for a magazine, who has no self-confidence. In the evenings, she is a columnist (with a fake identity) who reaches out to women struggling with life issues; she portrays herself as a confident woman who has a perfect figure. One day, due to some issues at a restaurant, she and her two overweight friends decide to start ‘The Cinderella Pact’ with the aim to get fit and healthy. Later, they realise that it was a misunderstanding. They have different struggles through the process. Nevertheless, they reach their goal.

The way they stood with, supported, encouraged, and motivated each other inspired me to get back on my toes. Their hard work, commitment, and accountability to each other paid off, and I know that these three are the key to achieving any goal that is ahead of us.

Thus, I found motivation to come back on track. I am able to work with a different mindset, push myself to wake up early, and make time for things that matter to me. It is nice to see this good change in me.

If you are out there feeling bored or lost or demotivated, I urge you to do something that will bring back the zeal in you. We are not here to live boring lives. For me, that movie was a good choice. What do you like to do? Do you like to go for a drive? Do you prefer dancing to travelling? What about reading books of your interest or those written by your favourite author? The options are many. Only we know what will help, inspire or motivate us. It’s time we did that.

To tackle demotivation, find motivation.


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  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog post and personally yes I have many days I feel like this and what you said was true in some way if you make yourself accountable to someone that would dri

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