Thankful for a Crazy Family

You and I have people to call our own, to spend time with, who have been placed by God in our lives, who have grown with us and who love and care for us. Life would be totally different without them.

Thankful for Close Friends
Having friends who not only have fun and hangout with us but also stand with us during the rough times in our lives is a big blessing. They are the ones who CHOSE to stay while others left.

Thankful for Good Fellowship
We all have family and friends, but being a part of a fellowship that has become our extended family is surely a bonus in every way. If you are a part of one, you know you are blessed.

Thankful for Mentors and Leaders
Leaders and mentors who are involved in our lives are not there to interfere with our choices and decisions. They are those people who genuinely care for us. Accountability only makes us better people.

Thankful for Different People
There are people who come and stay, and there are others who come and go. We may never understand why some stay and others leave, but life is still worth celebrating with those who stick around.

Thankful for Genuine Love
We have walked different roads to look for love and acceptance. To be frank, each of us has at least one person in this world who loves and accepts us the way we are. If we have people who love us, we gotta love them more.

Thankful for Good Health
How is your health now? How was it last three months? I do not know how you have been and how you are doing now, but today, if you are fine and healthy, you have a reason to be thankful for.

Thankful for Constant Provision
If we have food to eat, clothes to wear and a place to stay, let’s pause for a minute and remind ourselves that we are immensely blessed.

Thankful for Continuous Strength
We have been hit by various storms in this life. They may be physical, mental, emotional or financial. However, we have fought them well and have come so far today. We made it to this day because of the strength we have been given.

Thankful for Ceaseless Protection
You and I and our families are safe and far from harm. We are not only protected from physical harm but also protected from emotional and mental harm.

Thankful for Short Breaks
Everyone is busy with household chores, projects at work and responsibilities at church. Seven days a week, we seem to stretch ourselves and work like a machine. The short breaks from our routine (holidays, family times, travel, etc.) are worth being thankful for.

Thankful for Full-/Part-time Work
Most often, we complain about our work because of stress, atmosphere, bosses and then some. If we have walked through the phase of being jobless for a while, gratitude would be our attitude.

Thankful for New Friends
This year, how many new friends have we made? For some the list of names can be endless, while for others the list might have only a few names. It doesn’t matter how many friends you made this year. If they are genuine, they are worth being treasured.

Thankful for Endless Opportunities
The world is full of opportunities. We have opportunities to use our gifts, talents, be there for someone, help the needy, comfort the hurt, pray for the city/nation, be a part of an important project, handle more responsibilities at work, church or home, meet new people, etc.

Thankful for Life Lessons
We all make mistakes. We fall and hit hard. We make wrong choices and end up hurt. If those situations have helped us grow and mature, we are walking through the right door.

Thankful for Life Interruptions
We make many choices and decide to walk that road, planning everything our way. When there are interruptions to those plans and they don’t seem to be fulfilled, we get angry and frustrated. Do we know that those interruptions have saved us from a chaotic future or stopped us from permanent damages?

Thankful for Various Seasons
Life is a mix of both good and bad times. Staying strong through the bad times and focussed during the good times has made us come so far. Whether good or bad, a thankful heart can make us glad.

Thanksgiving not only reminds us that God has done great things but also assures us that He will do greater things. –JK Darling


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