20181116_174113About 70-80 metres from my workplace, an old woman sits to beg. She has a small face, filled with wrinkles. She has no fingers and only one tooth. Her hands and legs have wounds that are bandaged. Her body is fragile and her skin is dry enough to see the slight cracks. She has a mat made of cardboard. She owns a small, dirty bag, which she keeps very close to her, and a vessel to collect money. I am not sure whether you’d believe, but she has a lovely smile. Her dull eyes light up whenever her talks or smiles.

I see her almost every evening. Sometimes, I give her some money; other times, I just pass by. The beautiful thing about her is that regardless of whether I give something or not, she smiles. What makes her smile when she hardly has anything to be happy about?

I am not sure about what makes her happy, but one thing I know for sure is that she has accepted her situation and is content with what she has. She might not have much, but she seems perfectly at peace. She doesn’t force people to give her money. Whenever I cross her path, she lifts her hand with longing eyes. At times, when I don’t have anything to offer, she quietly smiles and waves at me. Isn’t she a sweet person?

Only when we accept our life the way it is, we will learn to be content. I am not saying that we ought to give away everything and start living like her; however, are we content with what we have? Are we able to accept both the good and bad situations we come across? Are we able to smile during both sunny and rainy days?

I am absolutely sure that we can’t be happy every time. It’s impossible! Nevertheless, we can choose to be happy by learning to be content in this short life.

Contentment precedes happiness.


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  1. I always believe that you don’t have to find happiness. It finds you! As long as you keep a positive attitude, spread kindness and keep the faith, then true happiness will be with you always. Sometimes the reason people are unhappy is that they think possession of material things equates to being happy.

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  2. Thank you for sharing the wisdom you have discovered. I also believe that being content with what we have is something that makes us happier.

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  3. I definitely believe that we are in control of our own happiness. Living in the moment and appreciate each second as a gift is my motto to live a happy life.


  4. Yep, totally agree with some of the comments above – for the most part, we’re in control of our own happiness! When you decide that you control how you react to things and stop victimizing yourself, you’ll be so much happier.

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  5. lovely post. I wonder too what is making her happy? It makes me feel we make too much fuss of things that dont really matter in the western world. You make your own choice to be happy, look at her, even with everything she has been through she smiles. she has a sweet endearing smile. makes me happy to see

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  6. “Nevertheless, we can choose to be happy by learning to be content in this short life.”

    THIS THIS THIS! I love this and this will be my quote!

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  7. Heart touching article. In this modern world, noone has time to check others and seek their problems. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Her smiling face made my day.


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