Today, we are caught up with so much that we hardly have time for ourselves and our families. Experiencing extreme stress has become common now. However, can we leave it there and do nothing about it? If not for us, who is going to take care of our health? Here are the 5 fun ways to de-stress you must know.


Do you like to travel or go for long drives or rides? Maybe you didn’t have time so long, but it’s time you did that now. Plan ahead and make time to go somewhere. Maybe you wanted to visit a friend or your sibling in another city, but you hardly had time. Do it now. There are many men who join riders’ clubs and ride to different locations as a group. I trust they find it completely de-stressing. If traveling or going for a drive lifts the heaviness off your shoulders, it’s time you did it.


Are you a creative person? Do find painting or doodling relaxing? I have quite a few people in my known circle who are into calligraphy, painting and drawing. Whenever I see their work, I feel so satisfied. If I feel that way, how much more satisfied would they feel while working on it? I believe, it’s one cool way to de-stress your mind and body. If a blank paper is what you see right now, get to work and let your creativity flow. Why wait? Using creativity to de-stress is the best thing you can do to your body, soul and mind.


Have you tried swimming? People say that it is really relaxing. It is also a good workout for the body. If you love to swim, don’t think twice, make time for it. It might seem impossible to go swimming everyday, but you can plan this for the weekends. However, if swimming is not your cup of tea, why don’t you get into a bathtub and have a nice hot water bath? What about trekking as a group to the nearest waterfall? All these will relax your mind and body in no time.


Oh, did I just say, ‘drown’? I didn’t mean that you should go and get yourself drowned, but do you like listening to good music, reading books, cooking, writing, playing a sport, etc.? If you feel these might help you de-stress, go ahead and drown yourself into them. My friend is a dietitian. She handles several clients and is almost burnt out at the end of the day. Do you know what she prefers to de-stress? She cooks. Because she enjoys cooking, she releases her day’s stress with ease while cooking.


Yes, go on a date, but with yourself. Take a day off and pamper yourself. The parlour and spa are two great options to consider. Do something that will make you feel relaxed. Get a haircut, a makeover, a body massage, a facial, etc. A few months back, I was stressed out at work. I longed for the whole project to get over soon. Once it was done, I went to the parlour and got myself a new hairstyle. It made me feel a lot better. I really don’t know how this works, but a visit to the parlour always make me feel relaxed. If parlour or spa is not your thing, take a leisurely stroll around the neighbourhood.


This is my all-time favourite. When I get too stressed, I prefer dancing to anything else. Do you like to dance? If yes, then dance your stress out. It doesn’t matter whether your form is correct or whether you are doing it the right way. Just dance. On the other hand, if you prefer workout to dance, great! Go and hit the gym. Exercising the body can be relaxing too.

What do you do to de-stress? Please feel free to comment below.


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