One day, getting ready early, I said bye to my sister and left for work. To reach my office, I usually take two share-autos. I got into the first share-auto. After 15 minutes, when I was about to reach the junction from where I ought to take another share-auto, I put my hand inside my bag to get my purse out. Guess what! I couldn’t find it.

I really didn’t know what to do and wondered whether I should tell the guy that I didn’t have any money. There was a middle-aged woman sitting next to me. She saw the look on my face and asked me if everything was OK. I told her, ‘I don’t have my purse, so I don’t know how I am going pay the driver’. She didn’t show any reaction at first. After a quick thought, she asked, ‘what is the fare?’ When I reached the place, she got down along with me and paid my fare. I was grateful to her for showing me kindness.

Random-Acts-of-Kindness-Service-ChampionsI still had another share-auto to take to reach my workplace. These share-autos don’t take us to our door steps, so there was no option. I had to take a regular auto, but I didn’t have money. I called one of my friends from work and asked her if she had enough money to pay my auto fare. Because she had that money, I took an auto and reached my office. When I reached my workplace, I saw her standing near the gate. I was utterly thankful.

After going through this incident, I remembered the few people I had helped when they were in need. Whenever I came across people who were in a similar or different situation, I always rose to the occasion, helped them and rejoiced over the fact that I was their angel for a brief moment. I am not sure whether they will ever remember the little deed I did for them. Nevertheless, I enjoy helping strangers in such simple ways.

Though I help people like this, it never occurred to me that one day I will be in their shoes and feel as helpless as them. I never thought that I will need an angel (stranger) to save me from my helplessness. I just did what I could and went on to live.

Today, after seeing another stranger reach out to help me, I realised that this world is not as bad as we might think. In a world where narcissism is common, can we be the ones who are willing to stand out—who want to help those in need, who don’t think before lending a helping hand, who are ready to be there for others and who are willing to take risk and stand for the truth?

We might think paying for someone is no big deal. However, do we know that it is the simple acts of kindness that count? Are we willing to take small measures or make small changes to make this world a better place—a place where people appreciate, respect and stand for one another?

Whether it is at work, road, home or anywhere else, let’s always remember that it is the small things that matter.

Let’s be the change we want to see.


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  1. Loved it. I still remember the day i had the same situation. I got into the share auto and until i was reaching my destination i had no idea i lost my purse and was helpless as i had to pay . A person saw the look on my face and said he will pay and not to worry. I am so grateful to God to provide such a person

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  2. Doing little acts of kindness every day will create a ripple effect. My friend actually started a campaign like that which she called “The Kindness Revolution.” These acts of kindness are food for the soul. I remember being hugged so tightly by an elderly woman when we were at the check out counter at our local grocery store. She was short of cash (by $3) to pay for her groceries and she started shaking her purse looking for spare coins. I paid for the amount and she was just so happy. Actually, it was me who was happier! It felt so nice to be able to help!

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  3. Random acts of kindness are a lifeline for all of us. i have been the recipient of it and have offered it to others. It makes the world a truly giving community.

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