original christmas

It’s one colourful time of the year;
City resounds with carols and cheer.
Surely people buy many new things
To place them under their Christmas trees.

They make exciting plans for each day
With dear ones who stay quite far away.
Kids stand in queue to meet Santa clause,
Longing to receive what he has got.

Table displays delicious food;
Everyone eats till they all feel good.
They see that they spend time together
And make the best of frosty winter.

Soon, holidays end; people get back
Start working on the files that are stacked.
Then life goes on like it was before
Till the next Christmas knocks on their door.

While repeating things every Christmas,
The true meaning of it is missed much.
Do we really know its real meaning?
Don’t we focus only on blessings?

Christmas—a time to give and receive,
To forgive those who cause us much grief,
For bitterness and anger to cease
To be sensitive to those in need.

It would be Christmas every other day
If to its meaning we abide and stay.

Chistmas meaning

Have a meaningful Christmas!


14 thoughts

  1. I always enjoy reading the posts on your blog, they are well written! I love Christmas and though the holidau season is no longer here it is nice to see posts on it still.

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  2. Christmas is that time of the year when you should be with your family and having a wonderful time, it has become too material sadly, but still it’s a great time of the year especially when it snows 😀


  3. Nice and lovely words/poems. Christmas is the most wonderful festival and I just love it and thanks for reminding us the true meaning of this festival.


  4. This post is so true. I think people do forget the true meaning of Christmas with all the hustle and bustle. Great article thanks for sharing.


  5. My family isn’t religious but they celebrate Christmas as we see it as a time for family. However, it would be nice to recognise Christmas for what it’s truly about.


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