The value of life is not understood until someone else’s life is lost.

What a strong statement to start with, right? A new day doesn’t make much difference. Days turn into weeks and then into months; they don’t make much difference too. At least, a new year should make some difference, shouldn’t it? Let’s rewind and walk down the memory lane. Many things happened in the last few months. Some things have changed, while others are the same. There were some narrow escapes and we thanked God for protection, while others didn’t have a chance to see another new day.

When a new year is added to our lives, instead of wasting another year on things that don’t matter, don’t make sense or don’t have a purpose, can we take this opportunity and make the best of it? This is not about new resolutions or promises. It’s about making a change both inside and outside of us. Life can be beautiful, adventurous, boring, stressful, etc. based on what we do. Beyond all this, life has to be purpose-bound. When there is no purpose, no matter how beautiful, adventurous, exciting and happening life can seem, it is of no use.

I do not know how your 2018 was. I had seen both good and bad days last year. 2019 is not going to be a cakewalk either. If you have enjoyed last year, great! I am happy for you. However, if you have been through pain and pressure, I want to tell you that there is light at the end of the tunnel. In other words, there is hope for this new year and new season.

newyear gif

Hope is like finding water in a desert land or a ray of light in a dark room.

Before you think 2019 is going to be same, boring, painful, etc., remember that this is a new year with so many opportunities. Let’s not be caught up in the negative things that have happened in 2018, but let’s welcome 2019 with hope. Let’s do things with passion and purpose.

The clearer the purpose, the better the deeds and words.

Maybe you wanted to do something but couldn’t do it last year; do it this year. Don’t hold yourself back. It may be like taking up a new hobby; starting your own business; learning a new art like writing, dancing, composing or playing an instrument; learning to drive; taking up a new profession or career; or just chasing your dreams (purposeful ones). Whatever it may be, just do it. Stop thinking too much! Instead, get sound counsel from your elders and mentors, ask for help, learn how to go on and do it. It will not be easy, but it is worth the time and energy.

2019 is not going to be a bed roses, but we can make it better by thinking better, doing better and living better.

Being purposeful in life doesn’t make one boring and serious, but it makes one enjoy and live life to the fullest.

The best thing you can do for yourself this year is to have hope, find your purpose and work towards it.


38 thoughts

  1. I love that you recognized that people who take life seriously are not “lame” or “boring” rather they understand why it is so important to live life to its fullest and do all you can do while you are here!

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  2. Writing down goals for the year & beyond is good to start in 2019. Also, any plans that you have or have mulled on for years needs to be brought to fruition this year.

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  3. We just lost my father in law in early December, so your post really resonates with me. It is important to live life with purpose and to understand what that purpose is.

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