It’s 2019 already!!! Are you sure your life is boring? Here are 5 reasons why your life is boring.

You don’t have a dream

vQ27LUv no purpose

Do you have a dream or a vision? If you don’t have one, your life is going to be as plain as possible. When you have a dream, it gives purpose to your life. When you work towards it, the challenges you face will shape and move you from one level to another. You will try to take risks to reach your goals and fulfill your dream. Every single day will matter to you. Boring will not a vocabulary in your dictionary when your eyes are fixed on the reward that is ahead of you.

If you don’t have a vision or a dream, find one.

You don’t have influencers

rachel no inlfuencers

Despite having a dream, if you still feel your life is boring, I believe you don’t good influencers in your life. Look for people who are like-minded; join groups that will help you in various ways. Is social media just for fun or for looking at others’ feed. No! It’s time to use social media to network with people who will influence you in a way that will re-ignite the fire in you. Influencers subtly push you to work on your dream or vision.

Having the right influencers in life will take you far and beyond.

You don’t like what you do

4Vt9 dont like the job

Maybe you have a dream and you have influencers too, but you don’t have all the other requirements needed, so you end up in a job to make ends meet. You don’t like the job, but you are right there every morning, trying your best to like it. Unfortunately, it isn’t working. What to do? I was in this condition until a few months back. I couldn’t hold myself any longer. I asked a few people for help in various areas and started this blog. Now, though I work for the same company, I make time to write at least twice a week.

Make time for what you love, or love what you have time for.

You don’t have time for yourself

no_time_grande not time for self

Are you too busy meeting deadlines or checking files. I know your job is important, but you are important too. Take a break and make time for yourself. Don’t become a slave to your work. Learning to manage your personal and professional life will help you stay physically and mentally healthy. I know people who work all the six days and are ready to work on Sundays too. I wonder if they have a life apart from work.

Remember, it is now that you have good health and enough energy; make the best of it when you can.

You don’t have time for others

original love my job

Do you love your job too much? Because of that, you don’t seem to have time for anyone, do you? It’s good to be passionate about what you do, but it’s better to be with people who cherish you. In other words, work is important, but let it not rob all your time. We are created to be social beings. Jobs will come and go, so does money; however, the people who truly love you will always be there for you. These are the people who spice up your life.

Make hay when the sun shines, not only workwise but also in all aspects of life.


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