I studied in a Christian boarding school, where the kids are taught to read the Bible and memorise verses at an early age. I was 5 years of age when I joined school, and I remember the scripture classes I had, especially during my primary years (1st–5th grade). The booklets had a memory verse, a story and a picture to colour. I am glad that the foundation for my faith was set there. I am grateful to the teachers who taught and encouraged me. The below-mentioned experiences I have shared only with my closest friends and family and with my Sunday school kids. Hope they inspire you to have a childlike faith like never before.
The Second-Rank Experience
This happened when I was in my fourth grade. The 1st mid-term exam was over, and along with other kids, I was waiting for the class report. The class teacher stood in front of us to read out our ranks. There was one girl who always got the first rank, but a few of us often fell between 2nd and 5th ranks. Therefore, the competition was among us.
The class teacher read out, ‘first rank—Nimila Matthews’. This was obvious, so it was no surprise. I made a quick prayer, ‘Lord, let me get the 2nd rank’. Before I could tell ‘Amen’, the teacher said, ‘second rank—JK’. I couldn’t believe that my prayer was answered. It was a short, simple, and clear prayer made, not knowing whether it would be answered. I still remember that day and how my faith in God grew.
The ‘Flashes of Light’ Experience
That same year, one night, when I was in the hostel outside my room, there was power cut. I was alone in the corridor; all my friends were inside the room. I was just 8 years of age and was obviously frightened to be alone in the dark. I quickly shot out a prayer, ‘Lord show me the way to my bed’. When I opened my eyes, I saw flashes of light in front of me. I am not sure if you will believe, but I must tell you that I followed the light and reached my bed. Five minutes later, the power was back and I was there in my bed. This experience doubled my faith in God, and I started praying for the simplest of things that mattered to me.
The Gideon-like Experience (This is my favorite)
This happened two years later, that is, when I was in the 6th grade. In my school, every Sunday, after tea time, all the kids and teachers go to a garden, ground or pond to play and relax. It was called ‘walking’. One rainy Saturday, I washed all my clothes, so I didn’t have any casual wear for the next day’s walking. I did have a skirt though. The condition of the weather was bad and I didn’t expect my clothes to dry.
The need of the hour was a shirt or a top for Sunday walking. I remembered Gideon’s story in the Bible, where he asks God to confirm his calling using a fleece. Though I had nothing to get confirmed or ask for any kind of direction, I prayed, ‘Lord, the way you answered Gideon’s prayers, can you keep my brown shirt (I was specific) dry if it rains in the night. That one shirt is enough for me. Amen’.
I must tell you this because it was beyond my expectations. When I got up the next morning, I knew it rained the whole night. I remembered the prayer I made and ran to the backyard to see if that particular shirt was dry. Many girls had washed their clothes too. As I passed their clothes, I saw that they were drenched in the rain. Soon I reached my spot and directly went and touched my brown shirt, it was dry and perfect for use. I was spellbound. As if this was not supernatural enough, when I checked my other clothes, I found them all dry. None of my clothes had rain drops nor did they feel damp. As a 10-year-old girl, all I could do was stand there in awe.
Final Thoughts
These experiences make me believe that when we have childlike faith, things do happen. The problem is as we grow older, we tend to reason, apply logic, and expect signs and confirmations to believe. Thus, there is no place for childlike faith inside of us. Often, we are the main reason for not seeing a breakthrough. If you are there, waiting for a miracle or a breakthrough, just have simple faith and leave it to God; He will take care of the rest. Don’t fret if it takes time because He is neither early nor late.

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Have you ever had supernatural experiences in life? If so, would you like to share them in the comment section? If not, what do you think about these experiences??? What does childlike faith mean to you?


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  1. Lovely… God is so faithful he answeres our smallest desires and this has happened many times with me. I once wanted to eat chocolate cake and i just spoke to God saying i wish to eat chocolate cake and when i go home someone had got a chocolate cake and it has made me awe struck.

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  2. Those are wonderful childhood memories of how God provided for you. God cares about the details of our everyday lives, calming our fears and even our laundry. When we recognize Him in the small details, our faith will grow and we won’t be wondering where He is.

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  3. This is amazing!! I can’t believe your clothes were all dry…I’ve experienced the power of prayer many times in my life. I’m always in awe when they are answered. I have to pay more attention though because your experiences are truly incredible.

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    1. I had the same feeling–spellbound. I never told about this to anyone then because I was too young to understand the whole think. I believe you were encouraged. 🤗


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