A few weeks back, I had to play drums at my church. One of the songs for that Sunday morning worship was ‘Our God’ by Chris Tomlin. I have played drums for this song a number of times, and I had no issues playing it again. This time, however, I was asked to play another beat, which was simple enough for me to grasp. Mind you, I am not a pro in drumming.

That Sunday morning, after singing the first song, while transitioning to ‘Our God’, I felt so good. I said to myself, ‘this is gonna be a piece of cake’. The leader started the song; I had to join only in the second part of the stanza. When my turn came, my beat was all over the place. I realised I mixed the usual beat with the new one and struggled to be in sync. I stopped a few seconds later, calmed myself down and got back to playing the right beat.

After the worship service was over, I analysed the whole thing because it was the easiest beat I played that morning. I was left with this thought.

There was sense of overconfidence

Confidence is good but overconfidence sinks the ship (1)

When I told myself, ‘this is gonna be a piece of cake’, I was way too confident about what I was going to play. Whether I am a pro or not at drumming, I was stupid enough to let my guard down.

Just like how pride goes before a fall, it’s true that overconfidence precedes carelessness.
What’s the difference between confidence and overconfidence?

Confidence refers to the state of being sure about something, while overconfidence is when the state of being sure about something is overestimated.

For example, imagine you have a habit of sleeping late and getting up late. One day, you decide to get up early the next morning for some reason. So, you set your alarm and go to bed early. This shows you are confident that you would get enough rest, which in turn will help you get out of bed when the alarm rings. Overconfidence is when you don’t bother to set the alarm, believing that you can wake up on your own when you have never woke up early in years.

Confidence builds you, but overconfidence breaks you

Final thoughts

Overconfidence seems like a great feeling until we are done with what we were overconfident about. The result mostly leads to embarrassment, regret, etc. This great feeling ditches you when you need it the most. So, why not ditch the feeling before it ditches you?

Motivational quotes and Inspirational quotes
Motivational quotes

Have you ever felt overconfident about something? What was the result of it? How did you feel later? Please feel free to share your story.



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  1. I’ve done this before! It sounds like you were operating on autopilot because you were so used to this. But yes, sometimes we forget to gauge the task because its so easy, something we’ve done over and over and usually this is where we make mistakes because we take the thinking out of it.

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  2. So true! Overconfidence always leads to an error at work that I then have to apologize for. Usually an email sent out with incorrect information or a document submitted with missing information. Which leads to humility, (gotta apologize) and correction, making for more work. I should slow down and do it correctly the first time!

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  3. Only when you believe in your abilities and you respect yourself and your place in the world, can you have a healthy level of self-esteem. It is not actually possible to have too much confidence, contrary to popular belief. … But when you appear to be extremely confident, people don’t think that you need appreciation.

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