You are unique and special in every way
‘Cause that’s what the word of God has to say.
You are so beautifully and wonderfully made;
You’re beautiful than the sight of a natural cascade.

He had you in mind before He laid the earth’s foundation;
You are the crowing glory of His absolutely stunning creation.
Did you know that the art was not good without you?
To complete the fabulous masterpiece, He had to create you!

He said that you are the apple of His eye.
This is true because He will never lie.
He has called you to be your man’s helper,
But this doesn’t make your worth any lesser.

You are costlier than silver and precious than rubies
You are worth more than gold, that’s how He sees.
To be a daughter, sister, wife and mother is not so easy,
But He chose you to be ’cause you’ve got a nature that’s breezy.

You are clothed with sweetness, gentleness and tenderness,
Yet you are called to win the fight as a warrior princess.
It really doesn’t matter how a man looks at you;
Just remember there’s someone you can always run to.

You are wonderful and amazing just the way you are
‘Cause God placed you in this world as a beautiful star.
On this lovely day, to all of you, I can only say
That you are unique and special in every way.

Embrace yourself because you are a masterpiece; no one can replace you in a trillion years



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