Do you lack inspiration or motivation? Think about it. Do you need inspiration to start, motivation to work towards your goals, a reminder to stay focussed, etc.? We all give a number of excuses to either avoid or procrastinate, don’t we? Here are 3 lifetime movies you should watch to get motivation and inspiration for life.

Magic Beyond Words: The J.K. Rowling Story

Who doesn’t know J.K. Rowling??? Harry Potter series was a bit hit throughout the world in the late 1990s and it continues to be, which made Rowling famous in no time. However, before she could find success doing what she loved, she went through some hard times.

After her mother’s death, Rowling shifted to Portugal and worked as a teacher. By then, she had already started writing the first part of the Harry Potter series. A few months later, she met the man of her dreams. They got married and had a child. Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t work, so they parted ways and she went back to UK. She saw herself as a failure. She was jobless and was left with a dependent child to care for. She survived on welfare benefits.

The beautiful part is Rowling refers to this phase of her life as ‘liberating’ because she could focus on her novel. Her sister was always there to motivate and encourage her during the tough times. After writing the first part of Harry Potter, she sent her manuscript to various publishing houses. Though she was rejected by twenty of them, she didn’t give up and went on to succeed as an author. Mind you, those were children’s books, but her creativity took her far and beyond.

Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story

Liz Murray is an American Inspiration Speaker. This movie shows how she struggled through her growing years. Her mom was addicted to drugs and was hardly there for her and her sister, Lisa Murray. Though she seldom went to school due to her situation at home, she seemed to be smart and intelligent. Her dad, who lived in his own world, did not show much care too. After her mom died, her grandad didn’t accept her, so she was literally homeless.

As a teenager, she needed someone to not only take care of her but also guide her in life. Guess what! She was left to fend for herself. Did that stop her? No!! Her dream was to go back to school and then Harvard University. Though there were so many issues and circumstances that could have stopped her, she didn’t give up on herself and her dream. When she decided to go back to school, there was a teacher who guided and encouraged her. Following that, she received the New York Times scholarship and got accepted into Harvard University.

Full Out: The Ariana Berlin Movie

Ariana Berlin is an American artistic gymnast. During here teen years, she dreamt of joining the UCLA Bruins gymnastics team. Unfortunately, she met with a car accident that shattered her dream to pieces. A rod was put in her leg, and the doctor advised her to forget gymnastics if she wanted her leg to be in shape; however, she was desperate to get back.

Apart from her parents, there were two women who made a difference in her life when she underwent physiotherapy. They encouraged her to see life from a new perspective and move on.

When she felt gymnastics was not her cup of tea anymore, she started to learn breakdancing with Culture Shock, a dance crew. As time went by and being surrounded by gymnasts, she realised that she wanted to get back to the sport. Soon, things changed for her, and she got into the UCLA team. Nevertheless, she struggled to get back to where she was before because of the persistent pain caused by the rod in her leg.

Berlin didn’t give up and continued to practice and gave it her all. She not only did gymnastics but also introduced dance moves to the sport. Her hard work paid off, and she is one of the most successful gymnasts in the history of UCLA.

Final thoughts

There are two things common in all the three life stories. First, they never gave up on their dream. They continued to focus on it and worked hard to achieving it. Second, at some point, they all had someone to guide and encourage them. In this journey, we need people who can guide, encourage and motivate us.

Rowling is known for her ‘rags to riches’ life story, Murray is known for her ‘homeless to Harvard’ life story and Berlin is known for her come back after the critical car accident. These factors show that nothing could stop these women from achieving their dreams.

Where there is perseverance, there is consistency. Where there is consistency, there is result

These stories give one message, i.e., where there is a will, there is a way. If these women could rise to the occasion and take risk to see their dream come true, what is stopping you? Let bad circumstances or lack of resources never stop you from working towards your dreams. Here is A Simple Secret to Tackle Demotivation.

There are a number of people whose stories are worth sharing. What about you? Are you ready to persevere, face the challenges, stick through the odds and reach for your dreams?



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